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Buffet   Complete Meal (Portuguese Cuisine)

- Picanha
- Various Cold Salads
- Homemade Pizza

- Portuguese Cuisine
- Fresh Fish
- Several Individual Sweets

From Monday to Friday, only at lunch
(except dinners, holidays, Saturdays and Sundays)
Including buffets (hot and cold), a drink of choice (water, soda, beer or 1 / 2 jar of white or red wine or cup of white sangria or red) one dessert and coffee.
  Buffet (Hot and cold)
Help yourself as many times as you want!
include: desserts from buffet - don't include: drinks, entrance, digestive and coffe.
Every Day
(except holiday)
Dish of the Day (weekly) at Buffet:
dishes of the day can be changed without notice
Monday   Friday
Codfish "Enfarta Brutos"
Rabbit the Hunter
Shrimp Bread
  Chanfana Beirã
Ranch-style Viseu
Octopus Rice w / Shrimp
Wednesday   Saturday
Baked duck with coriander
Octopus with Olive Oil Nuts
Beef with Grand Hand
  Day's Fish
Ribs in the Oven w / BBQ sauce
Duck with coriander
Thursday   Sunday
Portuguese Cozido
cod with cream
Slices Baked Salmon w / Pepper
  Lamb of Beira in the Oven
Bacalhau com Natas
Shrimp Bread
  Other Suggestions (service à la carte):
Fish   Meat

- Fish with Shrimps Pasta
- Fish Rice with Prawns
- Golden Grilled
- Grilled Cuttlefish w / or w / Ink
- Grilled Salmon
- Grilled Sea Bass
- Octopus Lagareiro


- Grilled Rump w / Roasted Banana
- Grilled Pork steaks w / Bacon
- Grilled Veal Chops
- Grilled Beef Steak w / Bacon
- Roast Veal in Stone
- Children's Menu
(Tuscan sausage, rice, potatoes and fried egg)

Every Day
(except holidays)
include: desserts from buffet - don't include: drinks, entrance, digestive and coffe.

Rules of the House

You can help yourself of our buffets as many times as you like, but please do not waste, except in the area that is a dessert by person. Each extra dessert € 1.50.
Children from 4 to 9 years pay 50% (reserves the right to request identification for proof of age)
We caution that the price of individual services are.
Due to our system of work is not allowed to take food out of the establishment.(unless the customer wants to use our Take-Away service ).
We have special menus for groups.
Reservationsis subject to availability. These prices may change. Food wasted of Buffets by € 18.95 per kg.
It is not allowed to bring food or drinks to be consumed within the establishment. Drinks are paid out.
VAT at the current rate 23%.
There is a complaints book.


Full meal in Portuguese cuisine, Buffets (hot and cold), especially fish and meat dishes, special menus for groups
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